Google, Facebook And Instagram AD Services

Digitally Connected can help get your product or service in front of the right audience.  The digital landscape is changing and we are continuously learning the new trends.  Our areas of expertise for advertising are Google Search & Display Campaigns as well as Facebook & Instagram Ads.  Learn more about these services below.

Google Ads

Our favorite platform for advertising is Google Ads.  We create both display and search campaigns for our clients. The Google Ads platform provides great potential to reach audiences who are seeking your product or service. This is referred to as “buyers intent”.  Ad campaigns on Google use keywords to drive the most leads and sales, We monitor campaigns daily and adjust any variables as needed. Digitally Connected does not have a minimum ad spend in order to run ads.  We believe every business can start somewhere. Let us help you get there.

Google Ads

Facebook And Instagram Ads

Billions around the world use Facebook and Instagram platforms daily every single day.  

These type of ads are built to target your audience based on their likes and interests.  Facebook uses powerful algorithms to know who people are, what they are into and common demographics.  If you have a solid audience already,  FB can create lookalike audiences for you to target.  Leveraging the targeting features is a powerful tool to get in front of the right audience.   

Technical Bits

Before running ads there are technical pieces that need to be in place.  Part of what we do here at Digitally Connected, is put the proper pieces in place so you can run successful campaigns.  

Some technical pieces to be aware of are domain verifications, pixel setup, re-marketing tag installed, analytics and GMB created.  All items are tested before any ads are run.


The Marketing Misconception

Marketing requires a monthly budget, continuous analysis, and adjustments.  It is a proactive process that evolves daily.   Initial marketing entails data gathering. This data is critical in understanding your niche and learning what isn’t working. Digital marketing is extremely competitive and there are no guarantee for results.

Not So Fun Facts

Digitally Marketing  is competitive and expensive.  However, it is a very effective and worthwhile method to use.  We encourage businesses to budget for digital marketing as part of their overall marketing budget.  Here are some stats:

  • Competition is stiff.  90% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly.  This equates to about  3 million businesses that use Facebook for marketing. 
  • Digital ads are becoming increasingly competitive.
    ‍The average cost per action (CPA) is $50 for paid search and $75 for display ads. 
  • Only 20% of businesses are content  with their conversion stats or ROI. 
  • The #1 way to drive sales for B2B remains networks and referrals. 
  • The Rule of 7 with respect to marketing says a customer needs to see you 7x before beginning to trust you.
  • The Rule of 7 is now harder to achieve due to the IOS 14 changes done by Apple

Are You Ready?

During consultation,   We will give our recommendations about platforms, budgets, timelines and the like which we believe will yield the best results.