CRM Integration Services

Digitally Connected is advocate of  using web technology to help your business and customers.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) has capabilities to  do just that. We offer full integration into Dubsado’s CRM management tool.  

Integrating with a CRM is an arduous task, but once done and adopted by the business, the professionalism, and automations in place will benefit not only your company, but your clients as well.

Read below to learn about what a CRM can help your business with.

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Why You Need A CRM

Manage Leads

Never loose sight of a potential customer. Using a CRM, we help you streamline how you manage your leads through automated emails, questionaires, scheduling and workflows.  

Customizable Workflows

A workflow allows  business to run without a hitch.  Putting processes in place not only makes your life easier, it projects a professionalism from first point of contact.

Forms & Questionnaires

We set up templates which are customizable, reusable and branded for all forms, questionnaires, proposals and contracts.  Every form can be tailored for your clients needs. Having this foundation in place will save you a lot of time and with the branding integrated into your forms, you are raising your level of service to new heights.

Signed Legally Binding Contracts

Signing forms and contracts online is such a timesaver for you and your clients.  There is no need to download, print, sign, upload….Those days are over!  As part of your CRM, legally binding contracts can be signed by both you and your client

Payment Processing

Taking payments online is essential for every growing business.  You can offer your customers payment plans, subscription plans or any pricing structure that works for your business.  Allowing them to pay online simplifies things for you and them.

QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks Online is an industry standard.  We can automatically sync your transactions with Quickbooks online taking another manual process out of your day.

Client Portal

Allow your customers easy access to their own portal with secured login and easily accessible right from your website. Clients can view any their documents, forms, emails and invoices. 


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