Obsession To Profession

Meet founder and CEO of Digitally Connected, Dominique Jean-Baptiste.

 Technologist at heart.  I had no intention or goals to become a technologist. My dad studied Computer Science and worked in the field for some time, but that didn’t translate to me as something I would ever do.  Growing up in Queens Village, NY there wasn’t exposure to this type of profession. I didn’t see woman doing this type of work.  I was introduced to a programming class learning the C language  and I became obsessed. I loved it and I was quite good.  I went on to get a certification in Computer Science. My career began immediately working at the biggest investment banks in America.

My career in corporate America, was far from easy.  Initial excitement working in Manhattan, making more money out or school than I hoped for.  I was already a single mom of a baby.  My commute and days would be long. In technology there is never a dull moment.  Always something to do, to learn, issues to tackle.  (I LOVED THAT). But I also faced  adversity and intimidation of being a black woman who did not come from a prestigious school. I’m the proud product of an HBCU, Cheyney University. This meant I had to prove myself over and over again. When  opportunities presented itself,   I was always able to exceed expectations.  I’ve traveled around the world to deliver various implementations,  earned promotions, took on new positions and responsibilities.  

In the midst of all this, I am the proud mom of 4 kids. I’ve married, and divorced. I learned tennis and am a competitive player.  I’ve relocated out of NY to South Florida. 

If there is one way I would hope to give back as my business grows, it’s to help young moms looking to enter the technology field.  Without the support of my parents with my first born, a career in technology would not have been possible.

What inspired Digitally Connected? Helping friends who were business owners with their websites and different issues they were dealing with allowed me an introduction into web technology. Then learning more about it and digging deeper into the capabilities and having fun with being creative and still technical became my sweet spot.  An opportunity opened up in late December 2019 and in January 2020 I started my own Website agency.

Why small businesses? I’m able to solve a specific problem and make an impact.  Technology is expensive and small businesses need the help. By providing affordable services to clients, they continue to use us for future initiatives and provide us referrals. When they thrive, we thrive.

“We are  excited to have found a  space to make an impact, helping small businesses leverage web technology.”

– Dominique Jean-Baptiste

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