WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress with all of its glory requires maintenance.  It is vital to maintain your website before something goes wrong.  And, yes a lot can go wrong!

WordPress plugins are rapidly changing. Plugins are also created by different companies.  Backward compatibility can’t always be guaranteed and changes to one plugin can cause conflicts with other plugins.

You don’t need to worry about that!  At Digitally Connected  we have created a WordPress maintenance plan  which will keep your site healthy as well as ensure minimal downtime.  Our website maintenance includes security setup, backup created and confirmed,  plugin updates.  The best part is 2 hours of website updates  per month.  Seasonal promotions, new sliders, setup a sale, new product set up can all be included in the 2 hours of update per month. (Hours do not roll over month to month).

Find out how we can take the burden of website maintenance and updates off your shoulders and onto ours.

Don’t wait until you need a fix. That takes more time, headache and uncertainty.  Get started today with an affordable plan that will ensure your site is maintained and healthy.

In addition to backing up your site, if your hosting provider gives a staging site, we take full advantage of that. A staging site is a replica of your existing site and can be used to test updates. This is important when testing updated themes and plugins. Staging areas can present some complications especially with licensing for a particular domain, however the benefits of working through those issues are worthy it.

WordPress Plugin Tips

  1. Only use plugins that are popular, have over 300K installations and good reviews
  2. Any plugins that are not being used Deactivate.  If nothing goes wrong after a month, delete it all together
  3. Minimize the amount of plugins you use.  The more you have, the more can go wrong
  4. If it is a paid plugin, make sure you keep licensing information and your login details for that download

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